So a little something special arrived yesterday & I’m so excited to show you this sneak peak. I was a bit like a kid at Christmas & didn’t know which box to open first so of course, I went the hardest one to crack! lol!

Unboxing an Acrylic Wall art Collection

It’s a beautiful 4 piece Ice Print (acrylic) wall art of a most gorgeous family. Acrylic or Ice Prints, are stunning in formal rooms or casual room walls as they are sleek, glossy & very easy to clean! This is a Small “Design 4” (yes, an original name – I can’t think of anything better though!) The family piece is 40×16″ and the 3 smaller squares are 12×12″ each. This Design starts at $1500 in Canvas or wood and $2100 for the Ice Prints or Metal. There are 9 different Wall Art designs for you to choose from, or, we can certainly get creative a freestyle a bit too! lol! (Don’t forget I offer Interest free Payment plans) I can’t wait to show these guys! Please feel free to giggle at my classic unscrewing ability! 

If you would like to see more of my products and Wall Art – head to my Products page, it will show you lots more beautiful ideas that will suit your walls, mantlepiece or display cabinet! Alternatively, you can email or call me to chat about putting your family on your walls!

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